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Diese Web-Site dient lediglich zu Ihrer Information über unsere Firma und deren Dienstleistungen und beinhaltet keine verbindlichen Angebote.

Unser primäres Geschäftsgebiet ist die Schweiz, diese Site richtet sich daher an Organisationen und Personen in der Schweiz oder mit einem Sitz in der Schweiz. Der Zugang zu unseren Leistungen kann für Personen oder Organisationen im Ausland eingeschränkt sein.


Links von dieser Site (z.B. von der Links-Sammlung) sind lediglich zur Information gedacht. Es handelt sich nicht um eine Empfehlung für die Zielseite oder die darauf aufgeführten Produkte. Der „fliegende pc“ ist für den Inhalt dieser Sites nicht verantwortlich.

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our services

Office management for individuals, smaller businesses and organisations. Everything that is necessary in your back-office, exactly according to your requirements, on an hour-tariff-basis, at your office or in ours, on your PC or on the «flying pc» … just as you like.

Choose the services you are interested in:

accounting, payment administration, billing

Our services, related to accounting, payments and billing:

accounting and payment administration

  • We do the daily bookkeeping for your Swiss company or organisation compliant to Swiss rules.
  • We manage your incoming and outgoing payments.
  • We close the books and prepare the balance sheet and the profit and loss account for your accountant, your tax-expert and the auditors.
  • Your (Swiss) VAT-accounts are also prepared by us upon request.
  • We help you finding the necessary experts for accountancy and tax questions.

billing and bill collection

  • We take care of billing your services and products to your customers.
  • And we have an eye on outstanding amounts and prepare the reminders for you.

customer records, data administration, correspondence, archives

customer-record- and data-administration

  • Keeping your customer-records, addresses, contacts and other data up to date is a time consuming but important task. We do it for you.

order processing und offers

  • We support you in perparing offers and quotations for your customers.
  • preparing delivery notes and other tasks related to the processing of your orders are another service, we can provide.

correspondence, general paperwork and archives

  • We help you with your correspondence and do all the paperwork that is necessary to keep your company or organisation running successfully.
  • Of course we do the filing and archiving of your records as well.

staff and payroll administration

staff data administration, salaries, swiss social insurance

  • We keep the staff data of your employees and freelancers up to date and take care of the related documents for swiss authorities, insurances etc.
  • Preparing your payroll including all the documents for the payment, the swiss social insurances are part of our services too.

back-office-consulting and -organization and more

back-office-consulting and -organization…

  • We support you in organizing your back-office and help you with all the questions that might come up in your daily business.
  • For many of the tasks in a soho environment, we dispose of specialised software for the administration of small businesses. Lots of functionality available to our clients through the «flying pc». In some cases we even can provide data-exchange and client software for local data input and queries, customized to your requirements:
  • We instruct your staff if necessary and help them to get on with the processes and tasks needed for a smooth and efficient back-office.

feel free to ask us for more…

  • Anything else we can do for you? Just feel free to ask us, we are ready
    to help you developing creative solutions for your


useful links

This list contains some links that we find quite useful in our daily business:

indexes and timetable

taxes and authorities

and some more…


contact, phone, address, info

contact information:

fpc-bubble-magenta e-mail:
fpc-bubble-magenta phone: +41 79 – 232 93 93
fpc-bubble-magenta fax: +41 44 – 342 29 36
address: fliegender pc
daniela züst wehrle
hohenklingenstr. 11 & 13
postfach 735
CH-8049 zürich
mail-form: → go to mail contact form
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company data:

registry: Commercial Registry Office
of the Canton of Zurich
registered on August 11th, 2000
uid: CH- (company id no)



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